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Rules, you have them everywhere you go. Rules are part of our daily lives. Sometimes we may need more sometimes we may need less. Everyone has rules. As a child we are raised with rules helping guide us through our childhood and on into adulthood. And when we get older we come into new rules the rules that guide us as adults teaching us what's right and wrong. These are called laws. We have to abide by these laws or there can be consequences.

There are rules everywhere we turn. For example you are not allowed to smoke in most public places. If we didn't have rules or laws what would the world be like? People would be allowed to do anything they wanted and people and places all over the world would be affected crime would spread all over the world. Rules and laws tell people what they can and cannot do and what the effects would be if they did this. Of course rules will be broken. And there will always be consequences.

Rules apply to everything, such as math or science, physics or chemistry, life and love. You have rules at work, you have rules in school. It does not matter what you do or where you go there are always going to be rules. Some rules may change, such as in the US we have what you call a Democracy. Where we the citizens have equal opportunities to power. No person is better than the other. And we have the right to decide on who or what goes in to power or effect. In other countries such as United Kingdom or New Zealand they have what you call an Monarchy.

Monarchy is a form of government ran by one person such as an king or queen. It was very popular in medieval times and some countries still use it. The monarch or king or queen is the ruler and sets all the laws. This is very different from our form of government.

Most of us don't realize how rules and laws effect our lives and how we grow to be who we are. Example if you were raised by parents with no rules and did whatever you wanted, when you grew into an adult you would think that there are no rules and that you could still do as you wish. Then you get into trouble and you don't understand why. On the other hand you have a child who was raised with rules and limits and to know right from wrong and grows to an adult and knows how to handle these rules and grows to be a very successful and powerful person.

There are good rules and there are rules that you really don't understand. By the law you are not allowed to drop out of school until you are sixteen years of age in most places. This rule is to keep children in school to get a good education and make something of them. For instance in Ohio, US. Itis illegal for five women to live in one house. And in North Carolina there is a law that states any person having illegal substances must pay taxes on them. So you see laws are a part of everything we do whether or not we like it these rules are here.

Many wonder why rules are important. Before one can understand why rules are important, one must know what rules are. Rules are defined as orders that one must follow. Rules tells what one is allowed to do and what one is not allowed to do. The purpose of rules is to have harmony. With harmony many people can get along or at least tolerate each other. Rules that are regulated by a community with some sort of authority are called laws. Laws are designed to protect people from harm. In order to encourage everyone to follow the rules the law must be enforced.

With rules one can get justice if they had been wronged due to the cause of rules being broken. With justice there are moral rightness. If there are no rules those means that someone can do what they deem fit. If they want to take an item from someone else without permission then they can do that with impunity. If the other person finds out who stole their item and realizes that the other person will not be punished if they did nothing about it then that person would be upset. The person would be so upset that they would most likely reach a point where they will be willing to murder the one who stole their item just to get revenge. If everyone started to murder those whom did them wrong then that would lead to anarchy.

Anarchy is the set of chaos where there are no rules. In anarchy there are no authorities that will enforce the law if there were no laws or no one enforcing the laws. Rules are designed to regulate the people's behavior. With rules it allows many people to survive. People will survive by cooperating with each other. With rules it allows life to be made easier since people will hesitate to break the rules for fear of punishment. Rules also allow societies to be organized. There are also rules for other things besides laws. There are rules for games. The rules for a game allow fair play. It makes the game more fun if it is fair for everyone otherwise it would be no challenge or unfair.

There are also rules for Businesses. Rules for businesses are supposed to promote fair business practice. One example would be a cardealership. If the rules for the car dealership are to sell a car that functions and is not broken then that will be fair for the customer who is paying for the car otherwise it would be a waste of money to buy a broken car if the customer thought the car was functional. There are also rules for what a business can say when they advertise. A business is not allowed to lie on their advertisements. An example of a business lying to its customers would be if the ad says it is selling a plush rhino when in reality it is selling a rhino action figure. That would mostlikely trick someone when they order a plush rhino only to get a rhino action figure instead. A business that does that is not conforming to appropriate standards.

Sometimes we tend to think that life would be better without rules. But at the end of the day can you imagine how cheating, deceiving and frauds would be more commonplace if rules did not exist? Rules are fundamental for the correct performance of any task, game or process.

In any type of activity one will invariably face a set of rules which have the main intention of regulating the way such an activity is led. Sports game rules are intended to make sports more enjoyable rather than being a burden. In any type of sports there is a set of rules which help the players and the referees to ascertain whether the game is being played as it should. Scores are fundamental in any sports game, and consequently rules defining how scores are given and on what basis are present in any game.

This also applies in board games, card games and kids games for instance. Board games such as Chess and Checkers have rules which predominantly regulate the way movements are made. Board game rules tend to be quite strict as to how a player can or cannot move, not only in distance but also in direction.

Card games are various and very popular due to their very simple yet appealing nature. Card game rules mainly include the way cards are distributed, the number of cards, the meaning of cards and the number of players. Obviously another main rule found in every game is when and why a player claims the victory.

Kids games, even though they are simple, still have a number of rules. Kids games rules usually concentrate on the way turns are distributed, the sequence in which players take their turn, the scores and the reason a winner is claimed. Kids games rules, even though relatively simple and straightforward, still have the value of helping children learn the need to abide by rules in order to lead a fair game.

On a more serious level, rules regulate the way Casino games are led. Casino games rules are very important since a lot of money is involved and the winner is likely to claim substantial cash prizes. For this reason no cheating can be accepted or allowed in any way.

TV shows which focus on games or quizzes are also dominated with a set of rules. Such shows usually stimulate players with the promise of very appealing gifts and prizes, and consequently fairness is important. TV game show rules focus on turns, timing and validity of answers usually.

Computer games are becoming increasingly popular through advanced technology and improved graphics. This also applies to other games such as playstation games and wii games. Computer games rules depend on the nature of the particular game. However in such cases most rules centre on the way scores are achieved and timing is usually given importance. Speed and accuracy have a role in most games.

Besides being important in games of any type rules are fundamental in other activities where interactions are taking place. Social interactions require etiquette rules to be part of any person s knowhow to lead conversations, exercise good manners, explain himself, eat and drink, salute and greet. Etiquette rules allow for better socializing and making friends and they may vary from one culture to another.

Throughout one s life thousands of rules are met in any type of activity, be it in a classroom, during a game with friends, while driving, when talking, when making friends and even while praying. Rules are an inherent part of life and without them there will be chaos and disorder. Hence, let us all appreciate their value and adhere to them for a better, more orderly life.

Rules are made for breaking is on every one s lips and those who can get away breaking them, rule the roost. Every step that we take is ridden with rules some of which automatically get inculcated in ones system and some could be quite unnerving though inevitable as those breaking them would be shown the prison doors.

If kids are brought up following rules the world can expect good governance as kids are the future generation and future rulers. They watch their parents behaviour and get encouraged when they see their parents breaking rules with gay abandon. As long as they do it at informal gatherings not much is lost but when serious games are played it is important that kids do not see what games elders play to get away with breaking rules and winning. Like any other activity there are rules for children s games too. Those conoducting the games should make these children follow rules as initially it might difficult for the kids to get accustomed to doing things in a particular way and may not understand the purpose behind it. It is important therefore that time is taken to explain the reasons why rules are made.

Different sports have different rules. There are books available on each and every game that one plays that covers the rules of each game. Be it indoors or outdoors no sports can be played without rules. Rules are the backbone of any game. Rules also teach one how to play a game. The how to is another phrase for rules . An example would be how to play chess.The chess board has 64 squares and the game is played on these squares by moving the pieces. There are two sides, black and white each having 8 pawns, 1 queen, 1 king, 2 bishops, 2 castles, 2 knights. The objective of the game is to kill the king and each piece has its rule on how it is moved and this rule has to be followed at all costs.

It is fascinating to know how rules are made for countless games indoors and outdoors and those who invented these games could not have invented them overnight. They could have worked on them for days on end and practiced before introducing them to the world.

One thing most relaxing about computer games is that one can withdraw at any time if one is no mood to continue without having to apologise to the computer. One can abandon the game if all is not going well too. After all why should one play till the end if the result is to lose the game?!! But a word in behalf of the computers. It will not let anyone take the next step if any rule is broken and this one cannot enforce in the real world.

While visiting a casino there are several pairs of eyes watching while the game is being played. After all where money is involved nothing can be taken lightly. While the slot games are ones good fortune where the player has hardly any rules to follow there are other casino games where one needs to be analytical and intelligent and it is here that rules need to be followed and decisions taken whether to abandon or take further risks. Without any money in the kitty one is not allowed to play and it is here that some try to manipulate and brawls follow as a result. Taking loans is one area where rules are broken and promises not kept.

There are countless tv game shows. There are word games, song games, general knowledge games all filled with rules up to the brim. The spelling bee for example have 12 rules one has to follow some of which are:There is the eligibility factor, the format has to be strictly adhered to, only the official dictionary is taken as gospel , there would be eliminations before the semi-finals, elimination due to misspelling in the semifinals and championship finals, time limit, the etiquette that the speller has to follow.

The Anchor of any tv show has to be fully prepared and knowledgeable so that at no time the participant gets way with breaking the rules of the game. The Anchor however has the power to over rule in some special circumstances. Example would be if the system fails.

To be acceptable in Society there is nothing better than being fully in the know of etiquette rules. There are etiquettes to be followed at parties, at official functions, at the dinner table, while conversing, the etiquette that the boy has to follow while dating a girl and vice versa. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more etiquette rules one has to follow specially when dealing with another human being.

The words beg your pardon , sorry excuse me are just a few words that when used speak volumes about the one who uses them as being polite, kind and thoughtful. Such a person s company is sort after and one could spend hours that give one utter joy.

Making a sound while chewing, belching, the clutter of cutlery, bending to reach for dishes, using wrong cutlery, spilling food while eating, having a not so pleasant conversation while eating, dragging furniture while sitting or getting up, picking from someone else s plate, criticizing the food, not having a thought for others while serving oneself, these are some of the behaviours that go against etiquette while at a dinner table and should be avoided if one can hope to be invited again!

While at parties and get togethers there are again etiquette rules that need to be followed. Coming late, drawing attention to oneself, butting in while others are talking, getting drunk, wearing clothes that do not suit the occasion. These need to be avoided if someone has to be remembered as a wonderful guest at a party.

If wishes were horses beggars would ride This can be aptly employed when it comes to following rules. Following rules are more an exception than a rule!

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